Limitations of undergoing Lasik eye surgery

Limitations of undergoing Lasik eye surgery

Even though the entire search engines are full of positive write-ups or information about Lasik, that doesn’t mean that this surgery has no shortcomings. There’s no good thing on earth without limitations. Of course, some limitations can be managed and controlled. The source of this topic came out when I was doing research about Lasik. I noticed that 80% of information about Lasik is about how perfect this surgery is when it comes to correcting some visual problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. 

So, I began to ask myself some questions. Are there no effects or shortcomings of undergoing this surgery? This question kept ruling my heart. So, I had to look carefully into what this surgery entails. Dear reader, I want to boldly tell you that there are disadvantages to undergoing Lasik surgery. However, this article aims at educating individuals about the disadvantages of undergoing this surgery. Also, I decided to write this article to help people about to undergo Lasik to have it in the back of their mind that this surgery has its shortcomings. You can read more about undergoing Lasik surgery by visiting

So, when you have this background knowledge, you will know that the chance of restoring your sight is not always 100% as some information you’ve read about it. But before we proceed, it is expedient to talk about what Lasik surgery entails. 

What is Lasik surgery?

What is Lasik surgery?

When a laser is used to reshape, resolve and correct the eye’s cornea whenever the eye is complex, then Lasik surgery has taken place. It is a process of using a Laser to correct any vision problem. Lasik eye surgery is a perfect procedure to fight myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. I have seen people saying something good about how this surgery transforms their vision on several occasions. At first, one might be scared of this surgery. One might even think about the possibility of regaining one’s sight permanently. You can read about The cost of Lasik eye surgery in Australia by clicking here.

Sincerely, you are safe if you undergo this surgery. 

So, what happens during this surgery? During Lasik, the thin cornea flap in the upper layer of the cornea is lifted. The Laser will reshape the cornea tissue that is underneath. The reason behind this procedure is to ensure that light focuses better on the retina. So, if the surgery is carried out correctly, the cornea flap will be restored. Today, Lasik surgery is one of the safest and most reliable ways of solving visual problems. Let me chip in that a competent eye surgeon must carry out this surgery.

Disadvantages of undergoing Lasik eye surgery

  • Flap problems: Lasik requires folding back the flap from the eye’s surface. The folding of flaps can lead to complications. Too many tears can occur during Lasik eye surgery. That is why it is essential to make sure your eye surgeon is an experienced one. During this procedure, the outermost cornea tissue layer may grow abnormally. And this will cause a problem. 

I have seen people having this problem even after undergoing Lasik. Some of them had to undergo another surgery to fix the problem that arose during Lasik. Therefore, one of the most significant shortcomings of this surgery is the flap problems. Remember, the whole process is around the flap. So, if a competent surgeon does not appropriately do it, one might fall into another error. If you don’t know this, you can assume Lasik has no limitations. 

  • Lasik is for adults: One of the disadvantages of this surgery is that not everyone is eligible to undergo it. The same eye problems can occur in both young and adults. Only adults battling myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can go for Lasik. Kids who have myopia cannot undergo Lasik. Why is that? So, kids had to look for other means to solve their eye problems. It shouldn’t be. Why can’t kids undergo this surgery? That’s a topic to be treated on its own. Therefore, one of the disadvantages of this surgery is that not everyone is eligible.

It is said that this surgery is strictly meant for adults. In fact, people who can undergo this surgery are forty years and above. So, if you’re below 40years and battling either myopia or astigmatism, you’re not eligible to undergo this procedure. Remember, Lasik is the perfect way of treating visual problems like astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. What will you do if you have an eye problem that needs Lasik while you’re still below 40? Perhaps, one should consult a doctor for help. 

  • One may need Lasik again: Personally, when I got this information, I doubted the effectiveness of doing this surgery. Can you imagine that? How can one undergo surgery, and there’s a slight chance that one may undergo that surgery again? It means the process is not perfect in the first place. So, I travel in thought and research. Then, I noticed that one might do this surgery again if there are complications after the surgery. Not only that, but one can also undergo Lasik again if the eye surgeon is not a competent one. That is why I have been saying this fact at the beginning of this write-up. If you want to undergo Lasik, please ensure that your surgeon is competent and experienced. If you allow an incompetent or inexperienced ophthalmologist to handle your eye, it will later affect you. 
  • Infections: Another shortcoming of Lasik is the occurrence of infection during and after this surgery. I have heard about people who spent extra money treating infections after this procedure. However, the tendency to get an infection is low. But the fact remains that one can get infected. Therefore, my candid advice to anyone about to undergo Lasik is to ensure that a competent eye surgeon is the one handling their case. 

On a final note 

Dear reader, this article aims not to stop you from undergoing Lasik eye surgery. I only want to show you the limitations of undergoing this process. However, one can derive a means of overcoming the above-listed limitations. Please ensure that a competent eye surgeon is the one handling your eyes. Finally, while reading this article, a question might cross your mind. Please drop your question in the comment box if you have any.